Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Journey together!

We are moving forward and breaking down doors and barriers.
Each day new discoveries are being made.
Each day new diagnosis' are being made.
We have to stop this before it happens to you.
We have the power to do this.
What does it take?
It takes each of us to make a stand to do our part.
Start conversations within our families and with our friends.
Begin checking ourselves.
Make that critical appointment for a mammogram and take another woman along.
We can support each other through the appointment and the process of going.
We are not alone on this journey of discovery.
We are not without power.
We are bonded together in body, mind and spirit, because we are moving forward together.
Together we are breaking down those barriers built long ago.
Together we are opening doors for our children, sisters, and friends.
Together we are raising our voices.
Together we are making this journey anew with combined strength and courage.
Together we are surviving!

We are not promised tomorrow, so start today.
I challenge you to, go to the bathroom and do your own self breast exam.
Call someone and share the news and ask them to do the same.
If you accept and complete the challenge, comment below the post.
I'm looking to see a lot of both acceptance and comments.

We are,
We can,
We will!

I am My Sister's Keeper


  1. I have accepted the challenge, checked and ask all of you to do the same.

  2. This is absolutely AWESOME!!!

  3. I accepted the challenge and completed it.

  4. For those 2 anonymous responders :), I appreciate the comments and your participation in this challenge!