Thursday, September 6, 2012

Walking with a smile and a tear!!!

I'ms so close I can see it!!
PINK is all around me in mass!!
That means its so much more than in my house, clothes, accessories,car, garage, classroom and closet.
I'm WALKING in the 2012 3 Day 60 Mile Walk!!1
I have checked-in and need just $935.00 to go!!!
I know with determination, persistence and your help I will make it there!!
I'm so excited, as if you couldn't tell.
This year has been filled with so many emotions, trials, obstacles and it isn't over that I wasn't sure I'd make it.  Looking with the fog clearing, I can see it all.
I can happily carry the names of the many women that have received a diagnosis this year, and those that have transitioned from their fight.
I'm honored to know them and honor their contributions to the lives of their loved ones with pride. 

I want each of YOU to send me a letter that will further encourage me and spur me on
to keep fighting and raising awareness everywhere I go.
Send your letters to me at:
 Susan G. Komen 3-Day
1025 Rose Creek Drive, Suite 620-373
Woodstock, GA 30189

Mail out before 10/7/12 and I'll get your letters while at camp during the 2012 3 Day Walk!!!

Honestly, what could be better than to see your support in print and then place them in my PINK book. 
I am so psyched right now that my smile will be in place for a few days and then again at opening ceremony. 

I have completed online check-In for the Atlanta 3 Day!!!
Now just $935 more to go!!
Let's do this together. donate,donate,donate any amount you can ♥ ingly give

Share, share, share with everyone and we can get it done before the end of the month.

I am My Sister's Keeper
Whoo Hoo!!! 

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