Sunday, August 5, 2012

Passing of Warriors, strong women

 Each time I have to share this, just breaks another piece of my heart.
I'm sorry to post that over the weekend, we've lost two WARRIORS to this monster called Breast Cancer!!! If you have any doubts that it kills, put them away today. We can't help them or their families aside from consoling them.
But, we can help others.
I've met some of you at events, you've seen me on face book asking and here on my blog.  In my heart I know that you are a caring group of individuals.  Each day, I connect with fighters and survivors that are currently fighting to live. 
YOU can do something to help.  By making a donation of support to honor a loved one or the memory of a loved one we get closer to stopping Breast Cancer. We need your help. 
I'm asking you to please donate $11 or more to represent the 11 weeks before I walk 60 Miles over 3 Days and turn the city PINK. 
We can DO this together.  What would you like us to do for you? 
Thank you in advance for you caring support.

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