Thursday, August 16, 2012

Is this you?

Each day there is a woman, a friend, mother, sister, co-worker, grandmother or someone else that is experiencing this..
I've been looking for you and very happy to see that you're right here.
It takes a long time to find someone that can connect and understand why this fight is so important to so many and themselves. You understand how your life has been impacted from a diagnosis. You recall the moment you heard the news that you're loved one was going to have her breast removed and undergo chemotherapy and radiation. You were the one that took meals over so she could rest but keep up her energy levels. You were the same person that called, cared for the kids, dogs and just listened to her as she cried in pain, and angst.
Please share with everyone how important it is to make a donation to help support others that don't have you in their lives. Remind everyone that the donation is tax deductible and they can do it here, 

The mere thought of this being you or your loved is unthinkable but an unfortunate reality. We can band together to have an impact in this fight. Only you can decide... I have to ask otherwise I won't know what you've decided.

  Every woman deserves a Lifetime!  You have the power to make it so.
 I am My Sister's Keeper!

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