Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independent not Isolated

Independence for us all!!!

Today is a day that many view as a day of celebrating the independence of a few that birthed into a the nation from a place captivity by those in power.
I agree that we should celebrate all those that have played a part in keeping our country free from those that threaten to take away the freedoms that we've fought to receive, earn and maintain.
When I look at the thousand to millions that face this journey of their lifetime, I see the play on words.
Independence - has an I; meaning - oneself, dependence means to depend on something or someone
Isolation  - has an I; meaning - oneself, solely - means to be without another or others, separate and alone.
In this fight of your lifetime, you are never independent of others or isolated from others.  You are always surround by others.  It doesn't matter if it is by theirs or your choice, someone is always there.
No one should have to be independent or isolated in this fight.  You need to have the support of others to get through this journey.  Although it doesn't makes the road any less difficult to travel, it does let you know that you are not alone.
Today, I celebrate each woman and family that is fighting to live, fighting to survive and those fighting to maintain a healthy life free of a diagnosis.  You are free and independent of breast cancer and all the trials that come with it.  Each day that you enjoy free from breast cancer is earned from those that have traveled this journey before you.  You are the example by which others will monitor, seek out,  and confide in as you have maintained a place of independence that was not done independently or in isolation.
Celebrate your victory of independence, with or without physcial changes in your appearance for you have earned it.

So on those days, when you feel:
alone, horrible,
as though no one understands,
like giving up,
that it's not worth it, just know that we are here. 
 Each journey for each woman is specific to her, but the battle is not hers alone, independently or in isolation.  There are millions here for all that you need to help you get through this journey.
Reach out, we're closer than you think.

I am My Sister's Keeper

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