Monday, May 21, 2012

Relax, Relate, Ahhh Spa Day!!

We've been blessed with this great gift to help get you all interested enough to join us.  
Ara Key of Ivy Leaf Travel is and has been a great supporter of this fight and she keeps on giving. 

So if you are undecided about this event. 

******************BREAKING NEWS**********************
We've been presented with a vacation item valued at $1,000!!!
This will be raffled off at the event. We are taking relaxation to another level!
Be sure to get your tickets!!

It is official, we are having a day just for YOU!!

Our Spa Day is our treat for every person out 
there in need of an ahhhh moment.
We are inviting you to join the community at this open event.
There will be something for everyone, nails, make-up, body products, massages and so much more.
Tempt your palette, your body and your mind as you unwind.
Start the season off fresh and rejuvenated!!

Bring the girls or the guys with you as you get a taste of some good times.

Just click the link to the right and get your tickets.*

*Bonus gifts

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  1. We've confirmed our Nail/ manicure provider, massage therapist and our treat providers. Be sure to get your tickets so you can get in on the surprises!!!