Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Notes

I have taken the pen and paper to print!!

Each of us encounter a period when we can use some support, encouragement and need to be inspired. To celebrate all the women that have made an impact in our lives, including the unsung heroes we see everyday. I have created Notes Along My Journey for you.
Each of us face a challenge that we need to overcome and breast cancer is a life altering challenge that takes you on a journey of another form. Sometimes its the simplest of words of support, encouragement and inspiration that help us to get through a very difficult moment. I have collected those moments in poems, letters, chants and yes, even tirades have been placed here for you. The power of words is all encompassing and the impact can be profound.
To support this fight and those fighting, I will donate 50% of each purchase of Notes Along My Journey towards reaching my goal. We all know a woman in our lives that has been there for us and done amazing things with so little. She has been there to support us, love us, chastise us and to remind us of what is important. Now it is our turn to do the same for her and ourselves.
You have the power to make this journey an inspiration to others. Take each of those moments and the tears that come with them and make it something positive. Surround your loved one with love and let her know she is not taking this journey alone, but with you.
No one should have to make the decision between life and a breast or life and death. We all know that tomorrow isn't promised. But we can promise to honor each day that we do have. We all can make this journey one where we have made a difference.
Honor that woman in your life each day as though it is her last. It doesn't matter if it's your sister, mother, daughter or yourself. Honor her with tributes of appreciation, respect and loads of love. Honor her with her own copy of Notes Along My Journey, a donation in her name towards this journey.
In whatever way that is best for you, Honor Her.

Every woman deserves a Lifetime!
I am My Sister's Keeper!

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