Friday, May 11, 2012


Very excited because I will be participating in a 5K loaded with friends and new walkers/runners.
An event filled with fighters, survivors, supporters and filled with loved ones.
I can't wait to take and post pictures from the event.  It will be a day filled with emotions
So I will be sure to add to this post upon my return.
I'm back and I had tons of fun!!!
I took my mini-Me with me and and we had a ball.  A great time for bonding and meeting loads of new people.
The infamous fire truck was there and I found signatures from 2011 that Sally and I wrote on the truck last year.
My daughter signed the truck with both our names and took pictures with the truck.
We met up with friends and newly diagnosed survivors and their families.
There were tons of people out there.  singles, doubles, families, friends, teams.

It was amazing to see the overwhelming amount of participants standing up to say NO More Breast Cancer!
It was a great time and quite emotional.
I carried my list of names with pride and posted them for all to see.
I heard a walker say she has so many names.  Sad but true, I had 10 names listed.
I continue this fight to let others know we support, we honor, we remember you, we care and want a world FREE of breast cancer.
I'm inspired and renewed to pick up the pace of my efforts in this fight, we can WIN!!

Ladies, this is for you and everyone that I have yet to meet or will never meet.

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