Sunday, February 5, 2012

Love is in the Air!

This basket represents the love that is shared, spread and given to those fighting and making it through the fight!
This is a fundraiser to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness and my efforts to support the fight.
ALL tickets are just $5 for each raffle ticket!!
Be BOLD, DARING and just SURROUNDED WITH love!! Purchase 5 tickets for $20!!
RSVP if you'd like tickets and I'll help you take care of the rest.
You can purchase directly via PayPal.

 I know you'd like to have an idea of the contents so here are some clues:
A candle
A V-Day mug(nice sized), note pad/pen
Ghiradelli Chocolates
Victoria's Perfume
.... just to give you a sneak peek inside.
Remember this a fundraiser and you could be a winner

I am My sister's Keeper

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