Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm asking you

I hope you will be inspired to sponsor my 3rd journey, Cure 2012!!
I have walked the past two years in the 3 Day 60 Mile Journey,
in an effort to fight against Breast Cancer. 
I have signed up to make this journey in 2012. 
I am Blessed to know some wonderful that have suffered, survived and passed on from Breast Cancer and this is why I'm on this journey. 
I'm committed to this until there is a cure, or I'm unable to do anything.
I'm asking you to join me.
We all know someone that has been touched by breast cancer, 
what are we going to do about it is the question.
My goal is $3,500 will you support me?

Do this for someone you know, love or have lost. 
We need to work to end this disease. 
Will you support me?

Thank you, visit my page and please support this journey.

I am My Sister's Keeper

Be inspired to leave a comment, I love to hear your feedback, story or what you'd like to say. 

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