Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas!!! 

Life is an amazing journey.
Each day is filled with so many different challenges, obstacles, strife and blessings.
We have so much to be grateful for and often times we don't acknowledge it.
Take a moment to give prayer of thanks for all that you have in front of you as those are all Blessings.
You have the following Blessings
ability to be alive today
being able to breathe,
read this posting
sharing your love, joy, grief and pain with another person.
Take for granted nothing beyond today as it comes and goes so quickly.
In a very few days we will enter into a New Year!
Time has gone by and given unto us many things both wanted and unwanted.
For those that are still with you in body, mind and spirit, enjoy the presence and the gifts they have given to you and treasure those moments as each one is precious in what it brings to you.
View the obstacles as challenges as that are there to strengthen your reserve, to prove your perseverance to succeed.
You are a winner and fighter to the very end of the journey!
Each journey will be different as they each serve a different purpose.
Face each one with the resolve to win and learn the lesson that it gives to you.
This New Year will bring with it many continued Blessing when they are due.
Face them head on, head strong, and with humility.

Wishing, you peace, joy, love and happiness.

I am My Sister's Keeper!

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