Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kick Off - FANTASTIC!!


We had an amazingly great time. We did not have a full house as people were no-shows. 
That didn't stop the show or the party. 
We danced all night, sang and enjoyed good company and the food was enjoyed by all. 
We met new people and made some new friends and celebrated those survivors that came through. 
Everyone loved the gift bags - they were opening them up before they went out the door. 
Our fantastic photo backdrop was a great focal point and was loved by all. Elite Design, is great and we are forever grateful for the gift. We received a candy gift basket and it was a hot item and was SOLD before the night was over!! Curlicues & Confections - Edible Favors & Custom Candy Buffets rocked it as usual!!  i Am Classic Hip Hop, did a great job on providing our sounds to support our Old Skool party!! Of course we enjoyed the great sounds and entertainment of the fantastic Mimi Causticdames Johnson Experienceit was all that and then some!! Our donations were phenomenal and well appreciated from the chocolate covered ribbon inspired cookies by Never Dessert You to the great Pops of joy  by Cake Pops Unlimited~~Fighting Cancer One PoP at a Time don't forget the meal by D&P Rib Shack of Atlanta.
Our  photos and videos are forthcoming and I can't wait, thanks goes out to Lexton Photography Atlanta, then  Steve Moore surprised us with some special treatment as a bonus.    When you get a minute, take a look at our photos on our page
We are still trying to reach our goal to walk but the great part is we have received our credentials for the 3 Day and are set to go.  So if you want to make a donation, go right ahead and ask your friends to do so at   Friday will be the culmination of this year's journey and the start of a new one!!  Join us out there if you're in the Atlanta area.  I will be posting the cheering stations if you'd like to come out and cheer us on and give your support that way.  Our Silent Auction is still taking place as well as the PIM 3 Day Tees and don't forget the Extreme Gift Basket Raffle.   Help us to continue to Raise Awareness!! 

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