Monday, July 4, 2011

Too Tired

Any suggestions for when you're running out of steam, battery almost empty, energy is completely drained??
I'm no where near my goal and not feeling inclined to continue moving forward.
I don't feel bad about, just tired.
Maybe I over extended my expectations and thought I could actually do this again.
I probably over thought my abilities to motivate others to want to be a part of a great cause.
I mean why not, we all have them.
Men love and adore them.
They feed our babies and others as well.
They help some women feel good about themselves.
People spend thousands to add to what they don't have.
So, they must add some value.
Why wouldn't people want to help to save them and keep them healthy?

I'm just plum worn out and tired.
My teammate calls me the energizer bunny, because I'm always on the go.  I'm always out there, letting my voice be heard and talking to people and listening to those that need to be heard.
Somewhere along the way, I think someone slipped me a replacement battery, because I just don't have it.
I sit, think, plan and try to be very creative with ideas, concepts for fundraisers, events and informational sessions.
But somewhere, many people are just NOT getting it.
OK so maybe I'm having a pity party.  Yet, I'm also being realistic.
I find it difficult to believe that people can't work up enough energy and actual interest in trying to do something to help fight this disease.
Yes, they're a lot of naysayers out there, that don't believe and complain and quote statistics about what is and isn't being done. But those same people aren't doing anything different or better because, we still don't have a cure.  Let me correct that to be, we don't have a cure approved by the FDA.
There is always room for disagreement, it doesn't have to be nasty and negative.
Everyone wants the same thing in the end - A Lifetime without Breast Cancer!!
No, the millions of women getting a diagnosis is not a big deal,
No, the thousands of women dying are not a big deal,
No, the age and race disparity is not a big deal.
You know when it becomes a big deal, when it happens to you!

I'm drained, tired and all out of energetic, fun, ideas.
So what happens now? Who really cares?
I'm just another individual that happens to be a very passionate advocate, out there that is ready to throw in the towel.  Not because no one will make donations, granted I do want and need those.  We all do for something.  The amount isn't of great importance to me if you're willing to make one.
I'm grateful and quite appreciative because it says at least you're willing to help, support, listen and be aware.
I'm ready to throw in the towel because people don't seem the slightest bit interested.
That's what's so amazing to me.  I just don't get it.
Can you explain it to me?

Thanks for listening.

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