Thursday, July 7, 2011


Ever have a day or a period of time when you feel like there is nothing going your way or the right way?
You don't want to be around anyone and feel as though all that you do is never enough.  You just can't the right thing to make everyone else satisfied.
Well today is that day for me.  this is a day when i could just dig a hole and crawl inside and cover myself with cement.  Dirt is breathable cement is solid.
I'm not thinking of taking my life or anything that severe, just venting.
At point where I'm just tired, of being tired, working hard, being strong and all that goes along with it.  Feel so beaten down like you can't ever get ahead, something or someone is always there just pulling at you asking for more than you have to give.  Even though you say No, not today, maybe another time, not right now - they're still there just waiting. When does it ever stop.
I just want a break, an extended break.  One that goes on until I'm ready for it to end.
A break to clear my head, allow my mind to just wander and not settle on anything.
I want that day to be today. How many others feel this way, what do you do?
So here I sit shouting very loudly - STOP,LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!

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