Monday, June 27, 2011

Unlock the Roadblock

What happens when you run into a roadblock and nothing seems to give?
Do you stop turn around and retrace your steps, forge ahead or just give up?
Fundraising brings you to many roadblocks that seem insurmountable.
You encounter those feelings of just quitting because you get tired or not getting any responses or the lack of follow through.  Stay strong and focused on your purpose -
We will always encounter periods of drought and feelings that no one cares.
They are true to an extent. many people don't and won't care until they are directly impacted.
Should they be 1 of the 8 women/families that receive a diagnosis, we will be there for them as well.
There are many out there that will verbally commit just to get you to leave them alone, then there are those that actually forget
You are left with decisions to you make - continue to call, ask or just let it be?
It doesn't stop.
It doesn't let women be and neither can we.
It doesn't judge women/families.
It just takes and takes without conscious.
We can't let it be not with breast cancer!
Breast cancer just continues to move along taking the normal life of 1 woman every 69 seconds.
Hereby making her a changed woman.
We have to continue this fight and forge on to the next person.
People need to know that yes, we would like your support in a monetary manner but there's more to it than that.
We want you to be informed, be proactive, share the information and be AWARE.
Each day you sit and do nothing is another day that we lose ground.
Awareness is the key, there are so many resources available that eliminate your ability to exercise excuses.
There are a myriad of things that supporters can do.
The best way to get people to know you exist and what you're doing is by word of mouth.
Isn't that how you learn of the newest hair salon, boutique, books, etc?
If people would share the information with others we'd have a better chance at reaching a greater audience and raise awareness in a larger forum.
Let today be the day that you decide to do something- make a donation, help another person in this fight.
Everyone Deserves A Lifetime, help make that happen.
Visit my page and make a donation to my efforts to walk this journey of 3 Days 60 Miles.


  1. Thank you for sharing these words: "Awareness is the key, there are so many resources available that eliminate your ability to exercise excuses." I volunteer as an advocate on behalf of battered and abused children, so there are many days that I must "get my mind right" and "unblock the roadblock". Excellent post!

  2. I applaud you on your efforts - I don't think i could handle the children, too emotional.
    I appreciate the words of support. It is vital that people know that they can make a difference to do something.

  3. What an excellent post. It is very encouraging. You have elequoently provided your passion, heart and soul to let others understand the urgency in helping others.

  4. Thank you Jewel.
    It's a passion that can't be contained and I want to share the joy and fulfillment that it gives to me with others. I know there will be resistance, but I have persistence on my side.

  5. Awesome post Nichelle. My mother is a cancer battle loss. She died while I was carrying my son. I was pretty numb throughout my pregnancy but I had to stay strong because I was carrying life inside of me. Your words are wonderfully encouraging. Keep writing them.