Saturday, March 19, 2011


Hello again,
time is flying by and before we know it October will be here.
time for things to get started.
Sally and I attended a great Get Started meeting in Lower Roswell.  getting there was an adventure in itself.
Alas we made it and signed up 2 new members to our team!!  Welcome to Foxs Trotters Alex and Keeley.

We are still making preparations for our Woman's Day Event.
We have finalized the caterer and DJ,set up things with the graphic artist but lost the novelties & skin care and seeking additional vendors.
So if you know a small or large business that would like to participate and gain a new clientele base, contact me.
Otherwise things are looking up.
Very soon training is set to begin, so if you're out there and want to walk with others, contact me we'd happy to join you.

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