Monday, October 4, 2010

Party Success!!!

Good evening, 
This day has been a long time coming and was worth it . I first need to thank everyone that volunteered to help and those that participated in showing their support to both the cause and me personally!!! 
Cause and effect played out for me today. The support that was given from the participants today was amazing. I'm glad you all were able to come out and enjoy yourselves so early in the morning!!! Hopefully you got a chance to rest. 
I need to thank all the businesses and individuals that donated items for our raffles. The winners enjoyed their prizes. 
My family showed their support in a big way at an early hour of the day. 
AppleBee's was a great supporter and the morning staff was quite helpful. 
I came home and rested for quite a while and now I need to prepare for training int he am. :) 
I think my new name is the energizer bunny - as I'm always on the go. :) 
See you all after training on Sunday!!
BTW, the donations have been coming in and I'm so grateful to all of you that continue to support me. Keep the word going, so others can donate as well.

Today I did get out and walk 5 miles- Whoo Hoo!!! 
Sally and I are in the mode and zoned out - totally focused on the major event about to take place for us in 19 days. 
The donations have been coming in very nicely - small is good and they are steady. This is something that totally motivates me to keep doing what I have been. 
The 1st order of tees - have sold out!!! I'm so psyched about that. Just to know that people are out there wearing my words in an art form to support this cause and promote awareness just blows me away. 
I need to turn in to get ready for dreaded work.  
BTW- Did I mention that we have another event on 10/9 @ Foot Solutions on Windy Hill Road in Austell,GA
They are sponsoring a day just for us and all proceeds that day will allow us to receive 10% along with the 5% they are collecting as we speak. Whoo Hoo!!! 

I'm so excited to know that I will be participating in this event as a WALKER!!! 

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