Saturday, September 25, 2010

Finish-line in sight

Well, we have come a long way since my first posting.
It is now 28 days or 4 weeks until the big day - culmination of this part of the journey.
I can't believe it is almost here.  to be cliche - where did the time go.
I have made great strides in the form of donations coming in. that of course is great news. :)
I still have a little less than half way to go - only need $1,000 more and my goal has been met.
In terms of training, well...
Let's just say that I took it very easy during the month of September.
I've made the effort to get back out there - started off with a baby walk of 3 miles.  I have every intention of doing it up BIG on Sunday.  You should know me by now to know that I'm all about go BIG or stay home.  I have no intentions of staying home.

There is good news. :)
I have finally made my T-shirts.  To say they are doing well is an understatement.
They are taking off like a balloon in the wind and I'm very pleased about that.
I have just about sold out of my first order of 24!!

My event @ AppleBee's is also doing well.   That happens next weekend on 10/2.
The tickets are selling at a slow and steady pace.  I will be getting out there trying to get lots more sold as  next week is just days away.  I intend to sell T-shirts there as well.  I have gotten donations from businesses and that has been really cool.

I've gotten connected with foot solutions to host a PINK day for my team on 10/9 and I'm looking forward to that as well.  So if you've never been, try to head out there on Windy Hill RD to check it out.
The connection with Chik-fil-A is also doing well, if not for me at least for the school overall.  It's getting the word out there and continuing to raise awareness.  At the end of the day that is the primary goal.

I will be presenting information on Breast Cancer on Sunday to a girl scout troop and hope to get the word out about early detection.  Especially as the age of diagnosis is getting younger and younger.  hope to make some connections and/or sales there too. :)  You just never know.
All of this has been a lesson in strategic planning towards the 2011 Walk.  I haven't signed up as yet, but I will soon.
I will keep you all abreast of things as the time winds down, just to be sure that you come on out and show your support in person. 10/22 is just days away.

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