Monday, August 9, 2010


Hey there,

I'm not sure but i believe I have now logged 140.7 training miles.  Didn't take the minute to
check the previous postings to verify the numbers.  This does include the 10.14 miles I walked on Sunday.
I'm focused on meeting my weekly goal of 30 and will do my best to get out there tonight to put in at least 8 miles.  I checked, I was already @ 140.7, now add my 10.14 and that puts me @ (drum roll) 150.21!!
Whoo hoo!!!!

I also wanted to share this with you all. I think this means I'm published :)
I was asked to share why I'm walking and it is now posted on this site,
So, for the second day in a row :0)  I'm feeling quite proud of me!!!
Now if only the donations will begin to flow.$

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