Friday, June 18, 2010

Slump no MORE!!!!

Had a lot of thing going on this week, got a into a bit of a funk as I'm not getting the donations that I'd anticipated.
But, I picked myself up, dusted me off with a fresh outlook and got back out there.
i got m items I'd ordered what seemed like weeks ago!!!
that brought a smile to my face along with a fresh attitude.  I've opted to rely on myself and the kindness of
strangers.  I'm going to meet and exceed y goal and no one is going to hinder that!!
I've gotten back out to training regularly and will continue in that direction.
Getting the badge today was the culmination to a rough week, it was the end of y rainbow - for his week!!!

Will have a blast of a fundraiser @ AppleBees and enjoy myself in the process.

Train safely out there and remember to HYDRATE!!!!:)

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