Sunday, July 14, 2013

I Got This III


Today's post is nothing long and drawn out.  I just don't have the energy based on the recent events.  I shared with others that I would wear my hoodie to honor the memory of yet another young life that was taken 

I do want to share with you that we have been inundated with rain which is why I haven't walked in over a week.   No complaints because obviously the  earth needed to be cleansed.  After being soaked on the last walk, I've refrained from trying it again. :) 
So today was the day for me to venture out and guess what.... 
Yes indeed, it rained.  Can't win for losing right.  The good thing is I stopped, waited it out and forged ahead. 
I left at 8:15 and I was again walking by myself.  No hard feelings, I'm walking for all of us. Today it started out a bit slow, the weather was non too cooperative. Yes, it started to rain. I waited it out which impacts my time, but overall I did well today.
 I did a total of 7.76 miles today!!! I had a few more pit stops because it was so darned humid. 
I stopped for some grub, chatted up a woman that loved my tee.  After she served me, she Thanked me for my passion and for walking and how much she appreciated it. 
I'm determined to get 'er done and will not be swayed. 
So in terms of my goal, I've completed 16.52 + 7.76=24.28!!! 
I just have 1.92 miles to complete my goal of a marathon, 26.2 miles!!! 
So in my head, I said to myself - Go girl, go girl!!! 

No one can tell me otherwise, because...

I am My Sister's Keeper

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