Sunday, July 7, 2013

Are you Ready?

Good morning,
A wonderful day to give praise, say AMEN!
You are here and that is more than reason enough.
I am so happy and honored to have been a part of a very emotional ride last night. I was in the presence of so many talented artists and it just touched me in an emotional way. 
Yes, I'm a big cry baby at times - last night was another.
I had the honor and the ability to reach several individuals last night with my message about the importance of this fight and why it is STILL needed today.  I was given two minutes that turned into five minutes to share, reach out and touch individuals that were ready.
No, I'm not an evangelist, but I am a voice. 
A voice that has been chosen to share what I know, have and am constantly learning with the masses.  Even if the masses, is just one person. I'm okay with that, you know why? 
Because we don't get to decide when we are ready.  HE does.
Last night HE did just that.  HE spoke through me to many.  I reached more than I thought and it was so inspiring.  Yet, there was one person in particular and it was so humbling and emotional to see her rise to the occasion.  She did what was needed at that time and now, she is ready.
Last night, I didn't think the group would be receptive to the message, but some of them were.
Last night, I was an educator to adults and children in my presence.
Last night, I was a messenger and a vessel.
Last night, I was the VOICE!
Thinking of how I impacted those individuals, just makes me smile.
I want to reach more people.
I want to do it more often.
I  have to wait until it is time.
But you don't have to.  Do what needs to be done for yourself to help yourself and prepare yourself.
Knowledge is Power and being informed is going to give you that.
You can't control all things, but you can control the information you have, the actions you take to prepare for a better outcome.

I am My Sister's Keeper and will be there for you in any way that I can to help you. See, once you get up and share what you've done, what you're doing with someone else, they will turn around and do the same.  This is a cycle we want to continue. 
Don't sit on the information! You need to talk about it because there will be someone that is in need of what you have to say, someone that is ready.
Are you ready?

I am My Sister's Keeper


  1. ✿ TEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!

    i am one of those people you were a "keeper" of! words cannot express my gratitude. thank you for your guidance, and your friendship!

    my life is forever altered!


  2. I was moved to tears. Your Passion...Your Voice...honored all those who could not speak for themselves...May the Creator continued to bless and keep you. Your provision is on the way!!!!!