Friday, June 21, 2013

Giving Back to our children

Sometimes, when you step back and think about what you do or don't have you feel the urge to think it's not enough.
In this area, I have more than enough so I'm giving back.
I know there are many that don't have it, need it but can't afford it. 
As an educator this rings loud and true for many!
So I'm holding a Raffle - Giving Back.
It's for anyone that is in need.
If you had to guess at the real cost if you had to purchase what would it be? 
This is all about giving to someone else in need. There are 5 boxes in total and each box will hold a variety of contents that will be raffled off. Comment with your values guess and the name of church, new teacher, group, teacher in need, etc that would benefit and why. 
You'll be entered into the raffle to win. 
This will continues until all 5 boxes are gone.
 Box #1 - Contents - numbers matching, flashcards, scissors, phonics flashcards, teacher resource books, primary notebooks, craft kit, borders, glue sticks, grab'n'go easy readers.

  Box #2 -Contents - Bingo game, handwriting for primary learners, teacher resource books, borders, scissors, birthday awards, flashcards, watercolor set, card games

 Box #3 - Contents - 2 charts, stickers, watercolor sets, teacher resource books, ball, geometric shapes/boards, scarecrow, desk tapes, handwriting
for primary learners, 3 easy readers, mitten
templates, google eyes
 Box #4 Contents - chart wooden stars/art, calendar pocket chart, word toss, puzzle, border, watercolor set, teacher resource books, word folders, handwriting books for primary learners easy readers
I ran out of boxes for #5 but you get the overall idea.  :) So if you know of someone, don't hesitate to share.  
I refuse to put it out on the curb. Based on the current state of the economy, I'm sure you know any recipient would be very appreciative to get this gift. 

I am My Sister's Keeper

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