Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Coming Together

We have officially entered the period of HOTNESS that Atlanta is known for!
So, with that being said, please be sure that you are cool, comfortable and hydrated in all that you do.  That does include using a sun protection especially when you think there's overcast or you'll only be out for a short period.  Never works out that way and you have issues later.
I'm very happy to state that things are moving along.  Some things are more successful than others, but you dust yourself off and try again. I have renewed the training required to participate in so many events that have joined to band in the fight against breast cancer.  If you want to take the first steps in your better health, you are invited to join me.  Just send me an email or comment and I'll share the information with you.  Walking is an easy but great form of exercise that has tons of benefits; breathing rate, pacing, endurance and strengthening your inner core.  Getting healthy has to start somewhere and goes beyond the table.
There are still several walking events taking place here int he city - Sister's By Choice, Inc. will hold their annual Pink Ribbon Walk in July.  Susan G. Komen will hold their Atlanta walk in October and many others held in between those months.  So there really isn't a reason or excuse why you can't start today.  Even if that is just you walking in your neighborhood.  The important part is to get started and stay focused.  You can do this!!
Throughout the year, I host events to bring the community together, show support, raise awareness and fund raise.  I held this event last year just to see how it would go. Lo and behold, there was such a great response and interest in this event last year!!  I was surprised and had a wonderful time - so here we go again.
Bra Painting , who's in????
You know you want to.
This is all about having fun, fun, fun!!!
Be as creative as you like and enjoy it. Use paint, fabric, ribbons, glitter, gems and anything that you can think of to create a one of a kind masterpiece of your very own. There is no such thing as not able to - you can and you will! Find a great spot to place your masterpiece as the center of attention!
We are doing this to share & build support for those with a diagnosis and those fighting to survive! Develop a network of support, love and care that you may be missing.  Get involved in your community and meet those that you may not have had the chance to before.
I encourage you to bring your friends, sisters, mom and more.
Tickets will include all materials needed, you just have to get your tickets before they're gone.
I'm hoping to see and meet many of you at this event.
If not this day, then when....

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