Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful am I

I normally don't watch television, yet today it seems I was drawn to it.
I've watched the Kahnawake Mohawks of Quebec, that settled into a 10 block area of Brooklyn, NY known as Little Caughnawaga.  Very emotional as they show the history of another group of iron workers that leave the reserve to find work.  I would suggest everyone look for it on PBS and watch this very emotional and informative documentary.   From this I was led to Nova, Inside the Mega Storm Sandy and the impact on NYC and it's surrounding areas.  The stories of death, fright and panic that these families have gone through has just given insight to the story that you don't get to see through the news broadcast. 
We all have gone through our own life tragedies and have given all the more reasons to stop what you're doing and say a prayer.
Be Thankful for the opportunity to awaken and rise each morning and be surrounded by those we love and don't like so much.  Time is precious and a very valued commodity that we often take for granted.
Don't waste time on the small things, look at the BIG picture that we call life. Treasure each moment that we have because nothing is truly promised to us.
here and now, I state that I'm truly Blessed and ever Thankful for what I've been given, the good bad, ugly and wonderful.  I continue to pray for all these families that are still suffering the effects of their own tragedies, be it storm, fire, death, drugs, incarceration, and life.
Stay safe and in HIS arms with each day that you are Blessed to have no matter what you think of it, it is your opportunity to make it the best damned day that you can.

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