Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bra Party!!!

Whoo Hoo!!!
We had a BLAST today!!!
The ladies came out, brought some gifts and created some wonderful creative pieces.
These bras are all beautiful, funny, and quite cute!!
I have high hopes for the auction as they were all donated.  Whoo Hoo!!!
We were interviewed while making and sharing our creativity and that was tons of fun.
Today's event is just another part of getting the community involved as we go around Raising Awareness.
We love it when we can have fun at the same time.
The event wasn't even over, and the ladies wanted to know when was the next one.
I guess that's a sign, this was a good one. :)
I hope you enjoy the photos and consider placing on a bid on one or a couple once we post the auction.  All proceeds from the auction and today are benefiting all those fighting to survive. 

I know you won't miss the next one!! We're saving some of the others as a surprise.  We already have a bid on a Bra!!
Tell us what you think, comment.

I am My Sister's Keeper

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