Monday, September 17, 2012

My Rhythm

So many wonderful things are taking place that I couldn't have planned it better myself.
Even so, I'm extremely pleased with the rhythm that is flowing all through and around me.
It's like listening to some smooth jazz and enjoying an exquisite glass of wine. 
I savor all the flavors as they blend together and slide down my throat. 
Talk about enjoying the moment,
That is where I am at this very moment and time.
I can just close my eyes and see all the joy that is coming from the fruits of my labor even when I don't see it happening right away.  I know this is what is destined to be as I have seen a peek of things yet to be.
I know that the crescendo is going to out of my element yet still in rhythm with my soul.
My purpose is so far beyond what I thought it would be and all I can do is see notes that string out into a song of beautiful music that just fills me up until I overflow with this melody.
This piece is still being composed as each day goes by and the notes that are added continue to soothe my soul. 
When my mind is at rest, my heart is racing.  When my heart is throbbing as each new thought, word and sentence begin to form in my mind, my soul is at ease.
I can hear the final notes of this song in my mind, yet the rhythm is still going stronger as each note is added.
I can't even begin to fathom the song that will be made.
All I can see is this long stream of beautiful notes that just play repeatedly over and over in my mind.
As smooth as a single note, and rhythmic as a jazz band that continues to play in my mind.
Don't move as you'll disturb the flow, shake the wine and then what will be left. 
My soul will be there just as it was when the music started to play.
I know that my soul is at ease as I'm destined to be,
the notes that bring joy to the soul of another that has yet to see
or even know me.