Sunday, September 23, 2012

Clarity and facts

The face of a survivor
I know you've gotten them, but I'm ready to start my daily campaign to persuade, ask, encourage and talk to you about making a donation and the importance of breast health. 
I'm less than 30 days away from the walk and still need to raise $600 to get there. I can't do it without your generous gifts of support. 
Please keep in mind this is for each and every woman, man and child in your life.
although you're not obligated to do anything, I'm just hoping you'll want to do something to add to the ongoing support. 
Each of us face a challenge, but there is nothing other than death that is so tragic than watching a loved one go through this.  No person's journey is like any other because we're each different in our own way.  
I'm seeking your empathy and compassion for another person that has to endure this if not yourself. 

We all get overwhelmed and inundated with requests for help, support and donations and have to find a cause that we can connect with that is worthy of that almighty hard to come by dollar.  
We don't have to wait until tragedy strikes close to home to decide now is the time to do something.  Being proactive is announcing to that tragedy that there is going be a difference.  That you are not willing to just sit and wait until it knocks on your door. 
I can give you many reasons as to why you should want to donate and you can/will come up with just as many my you shouldn't/won't. 
This fight is important because the numbers don't lie. 
The faces and bodies of those diagnosed don't lie. 
The faces and lives of those changed are here. 
The medical costs of those barely getting by are not a falsehood. 
The face of a survivor
The testimony of what treatment and medical care has done is not a lie. 
The reality of being here to continue to share their stories with us is not a lie. 
The pure fact that the family history doesn't dictate or predicate a diagnosis but does increase the probability is not a lie.  
The number of women included in the statics of the breast cancer being the cause of death isn't false. 
If you love here in the state of Georgia the statics are phenomenal!! 
The face of a survivor
Women and families need to open their eyes, get into the physicians office sooner than later. 
Cobby County is one of 10 counties here in Atlanta served by Komen.  
34.1% of women have not received a mammogram in the past year. 
Cobb ranks 5th in the % of late stage diagnosis.
Cobb ranks 4th highest in the mortality rate. 
In GA 6,000 women annually receive a diagnosis*
We have the ability to change this data. 
When asking how, the answer is by being proactive, by maintaining our best breast health, by supporting the work that takes place behind the scenes to continue to develop treatments.  To continue to provide support with transportation, low cost and prorated mammograms. Providing the  treatment facilities for those getting chemotherapy and radiation, monitoring and maintenance. 
Giving the women the opportunity to be part of a supportive network that includes counseling, sharing and open dialogue. 
Please don't let the name of the organization to be your reason to falter in your steps.  They are all doing the same thing - fighting!! You should too.

Yes, I'm seeking you're assistance in the areas of your empathy and compassion for another person if not yourself.  It doesn't have to be a secret to say I Care

I am My Sister's Keeper

*Information courtesy of Cobb & Douglas Public Health and Susan G. Komen for the Cure Greater Atlanta

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