Saturday, August 25, 2012


What an awesome day!
I started it on with an interview along with some other wonderful women on My Body Says No I Say Yes which was amazing.  I posted the broadcast here on the blog so you can tune in and hear it if you missed it live this morning.
I saw a posting that caught my eye about the Atlanta Food Trucks.  Now, I've been trying to get out and hit them for a long time.  I guess since the show was on TV and I could never seem to make it there.  Either, I didn't have enough gas, enough money or no gumption to fight the traffic.  Well this morning the post on face book, mentioned the Yum Yum Truck.
Never heard of it before, but the truck was PINK and that was enough for me.
I grabbed my daughter and we got it together to head out.
After some twists and u-turns, we parked and headed up the hill.  We could hear the music, see the trucks and the tents and umbrellas.  The parking lot was filled and parking was tight.
As we climbed this incline, the market vendors were greeting us with smiles.  We saw the fresh pies and pastries and the sterling silver jewelry, which is my fave!! I didn't mention that I had on my new tee and it caught the eye of this gentlemen.  After saying hello, the next thing he did was to Thank me for my efforts.  He did what came naturally, he began to share his story of family loss and survivor ship with me.  All it takes is a minute to make a connection and sometimes that is all a person needs.  I cheered and smiled with pride and support and I knew I was off to a great start.  I was making things happen.
Little Jimmy's
We walked on as vendors were still setting up.  On our way to the Yum Yum Truck, we got some samples from Little Jimmy's Italian Ices.  Now this operation appears to be a small family business and they were both out there sharing the roles.  The samples were good.  I had lemon and Nairobi had mango.  I knew we'd be back and we were.  We saved them for our final stop on our exit from the park.  Well worth the wait and it hit the spot.

At the Yum Yum Truck, I had the most difficult time choosing which and how many cupcakes I was going to get.  You know how your eyes are bigger than your stomach - this was the case.  I definitely had to have the strawberry and wanted the raspberry but knew my hubby or daughter would prefer the chocolate.  Now the tough decision which chocolate to get as there were two kinds.  I choose double chocolate and asked if they hold while we browsed.  They  were more than happy to do so.  At the end of our day we picked up our goodies and had photos taken with the polite young lady that served us earlier.

The Blaxicans
We stopped and got some great food from The Blaxicans.  Talked them up a little bit and learned they are a family affair and the food was good.  We had the steak tacos and they were delicious.  The steak was tender, the sauce was just enough so you were able to savor the flavor and the cheese is a different but similar to Parmesan.  Good stuff!

We then went over to GeeChee Island's Truck and the menu was like sitting at home for Sunday dinner.  They had it all.  So we got some Macn'Cheese and the LowCountry Mix.  Talk about good, the  dish had red rice, fried cabbage, sausage and shrimp.  We tore it up.  The shrimp and cabbage were the best items for me.  Nairobi tore up the macn'cheese.   This is where I ran into a face book friend-Kadeejia, small world.  Turns out her cousin called and asked her to come up and help out.  It was a pleasant surprise and another connection made today.  Are you keeping count?
Geechee menu
Nairobi and I ate and allowed the food to digest a little while we discussed what would be next.  Keep in mind, her jaw is hanging open as she hasn't seen me eat so much in one sitting in a very long time.  I only eat when I'm hungry, so I'll be good for a while. :)  Do not judge me.

Pulled pork sandwich
So I decided that we would try the Sweet Auburn BBQ Truck - they did not disappoint.  I'm waiting in line and we greeted one another and she asked if I was a survivor.  I responded and showed her my passionate commitment tattoo.  She smiled and got a little misty as she shared her story with me.  We placed my order, chatted briefly and I stepped over to wait for the sandwich (another connection, keep up now).  I also got the delicious strawberry lemonade.  Now for those that don't know - I absolutely LOVE strawberries.  The lemonade had no pulp but i could taste the little specklings from the skin of the strawberry int he lemonade. It was smooth and a mix of sweet and a lil tart.  I had a little bit of ice so I could savor the flavors.  The sandwich was a pulled pork on grilled bread.  Now, I'm not talking about regular bread you get at the grocery store.  This was the french toast bread, nice and thick.  It had to be to hold all the meat.  I add a little sweet BBQ sauce, and coleslaw on the side with real sliced pickles.  Talk about being in heaven.  This was just my side of the gate.  I knew I had more eating to do, got some foil to cover it up and we headed to our next truck.
Rouxd Krewe
Rouxd Krewe was a mixture of  French Creole and Jamaican food.  It was different for sure.  We sample the shrimp and french fry basket.  We got these teenie tiny shrimp that were good, like finger food but there were so many you needed the spoon.  The fries were the Cajun fries and they were good.  It's probable they were cooked too fast, but Nairobi liked it.  Personally, I would probably try something different next time.  The guys answered all my questions and they too are a family affair.  I really liked that about today - the businesses were connected by family ties.

We stopped on Sweet St. at ChayJ's and enjoyed the samples.  Nairobi got the pretzels and I had the cheese popcorn.  Great flavors.  I know I'll be get a bag on the next trip.  They were careful to inform buyers about the nuts.  Nice people and great way to experience the treats.

On our way out, we stopped and sampled Key Lime Cake from The Cake Crate and talk about good! It was delicious so much so I had to get some to have with my cup of coffee in the morning.  The tiny hint of tart with the sweet, just melded together and melted in your mouth.
I can't depart without discussing my encounter with Recycled Peace.  Talk about having an aha moment.  The energy was flowing and it was all harmonious.  We just connected and chatted like old friends. Okay maybe I was asking a ton of questions - but the work was so interesting and the products used even more so.  it was so much fun and they were pretty and different.  I especially loved what I purchased.  The item that caught my eye were the cork earrings.  I have got to get those.  We will be seeing each other again very soon as I piqued her interest too.  I'm not going to say any more because I was to pique yours too.

When Nairobi got to the very hot car, we were physically exhausted.  Sweat had hit every crevice and then some three times, she was ready for a nap and I wanted to be cooled off.  We chatted and laughed on our journey home and I refused to let her take a nap because ...
Today was an AWESOME DAY!
Connections are made when they're made.  I didn't wake up this morning looking to make a specific amount.  It was just where He led me to be on this day for a specific reason.  Not in our time, but in HIS alone.  I am extremely happy about and still glowing from today.
How many connections were made during my day.  I hope you kept count.
Share your experience or the number of connections I made today as your comment.  I want to hear your thoughts on our day.

I am My Sister's Keeper

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