Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gone too Young!

While visiting one of my group of friends that are fighting, surviving Breast Cancer, I came upon a posting from Jim Hillmann and I had to share this story.

.when your heart is broken again by the loss of a friend to breast cancer...

My dear friends, as you know, I have participated in the 3-day for the Cure walks since 2008 to help find a cure for breast cancer and to assist all of those affected by this deadly disease. Initially, I walked to honor my mother who died from breast cancer. Last year, I dedicated all of my walks from Boston through
 San Diego, to the "little girl on Belmont Hill", Zoie, who lost her mom when she was only eight.

For 2012, I am walking for Cindy, my next neighbor, who recently lost her four year battle to breast cancer at the very young age of 34, leaving behind two adorable young boys, age 4 and 6. Cindy was a beautiful mother and wife, full of life and love for her family and friends, someone I feel blessed to have as a friend. With her husband's permission, I have included her photo with this posting, so that you may know who I am walking for.

David, her husband, will be walking in both the San Francisco Avon and 3-day for the Cure walks to honor Cindy. Their team is appropriately enough named, "Team Cindy." As soon as I have donation information for their team, I will pass it on.

People continue to ask me why so many of us walk, why we spend the hours we do training, fundraising and raising awareness about this disease. It is simple.

We walk so the little girls who stand with tears on their face telling those that walk by that they have lost their mother will no longer lose their moms. We walk with the many survivors who participate in these events as they show us courage, patience and the hope for a breast cancer free world. We walk, step-by-step, so that a cure may be found, so that others, such as Cindy, will have a full life to love their children, to see them grow into adults and enjoy a rich, memory filled life. Cindy, you are loved and missed by many.

For all of you, I would simply ask that you post a word of support for David and his family, letting them know that there is an amazing community of supporters surrounding his family with love and support. Thanks you very much.

Nothing else needs to be said, WE need to stand up and put an end to this. 
Families and children should not have to try to understand. 

Donate whatever you're able to, all of it adds up and makes a BIGGER impact than you can imagine. 

In her honor and memory-

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