Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Honor My SHERO

Just taking a moment to send you wishes of well being and happiness in your life.
I hope you're daily Blessing continue to spring forth as the days go by.
Guess what, Mother's Day is rapidly approaching.  My mother has passed on and she can never be replaced as she is my SHERO.  Each day that goes by I still miss her and long to have her near.  
So in Honor of you and yours, I'm wishing each of you a very Happy Mother's Day. 

We all have the honor of knowing a woman in our lives that has been there for us and done amazing things with so little.  She has been there to support us, love us, chastise us and to remind us of what is important. 
We hurt when we see the pain in her eyes although she tries to hide it and be strong for us.  
We know the moment something is just not right.  
Well, today the news has not turned out as we wanted and she has been informed that a procedure is needed.  Being distraught, torn, angry and feeling very helpless are the emotions within each of us.  We almost feel as though our pain is more intense than hers. 
When you are feeling as though there is nothing you can do, you're wrong. 
Be there for her as much as she'll let you evenif it's to just sit and be still. 
Take in all your lifelong shared moments of laughter, tears, struggles and accomplishments.  You're not looking at the end of her life, you're looking at a new journey. We have the power to make this journey one of joy as you relive the days you've shared.  Enjoy those moments and the tears that come with them.  Surround her with love and let her know she is not taking this journey without you. 
Honor her wishes, wants and needs and respect the decisions that are being made.  No one should have to make the decsion between life and a breast or life and death.  We all know that tomorrow isn't promised.  But we can promise to honor each day that we do have.

We are looking to each of you to make this journey one where you know that you have made a difference.
Honor that woman in your life each day as though it is her last.  Honor her with tributes of appreciation, respect and loads of love.  Honor her with a donation in her name towards this journey.
In whatever way that is best for you, Honor Her.
Every woman deserves a Lifetime!

Unfortunately today, I received word that yet another woman and family have received a diagnosis and are about to start their journey.   Be ever grateful that isn't your day. 

I am My Sister's Keeper.

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  1. You did all that a Mother could do with in the time that we were raised in. I respect and appreciate all that you did for each of us. Whenever I'm asked, I always respond that my mom is my HERO!! I miss you dearly and not a day goes by that I don't miss our daily conversations and late night TV watching talks. Although the pain has subsided I know that you're watching over me. You've seen the accomplishments I've made in my life and I know that you'd be proud of me. I continue to aspire to get your praise and to know that I'm doing what you'd want me to do. If only you were here. I'd sit on your lap like I used to and give you a great big KISS!! Happy Mother's Day Mom. RIP***