Thursday, September 29, 2011

Your Body, My Body,

I refuse to acknowledge a set back as being so.
I look at it as obstacles to be overcome.
A new challenge to handle differently.
Right now my challenge is engaging enough individuals to understand the true severity of breast cancer.
I realize that many are in denial, not wanting to hear about it until it hits very close to home.
By that time you're frantically thinking, what can I, should I do? Who can I call, what step is next?
If you are aware and proactive you'll be better prepared to handle the decisions that you'll need to make.
You won't rush to decisions as you're pressured and it has come out of nowhere.
Understand the signs your body is giving you, check your breast regularly.  That is the only way that you'll know something feels different.  Encourage your friends to do the same and check in on them to hold one another accountable.
Be aware of your risk factors, family history, density of your breast, susceptibility to having lumpy breast or having fibroid in the breast tissue.   Know what questions you can ask your physician, write them down.  no questions is silly except the one you don't ask.  Request information, a second opinion and for anything else you may want or need.
No one knows your body better than you do.  So the questions really is how well do you know your body?
We can't force others to take care of themselves, no more than I can force you to make a donation.  All we can truly do is be there to provide support if we so choose.
A diagnosis is life shattering, life altering but hopefully not life ending.
Look at this as a new journey to travel through the remainder of your life.  An opportunity to do things differently and experience the new you.  You are no longer the same person because your perspective has changed along with your physical self.  Take this opportunity to have a greater impact on those around you and to yourself. Due to a diagnosis, your appreciation and value of life is so much more intense, in a way that only other survivors can understand.
As much as we fight to find a cure to prevent as many as possible from having to encounter this journey, it is a long process.  A fight that is still ongoing.  We can not do it without the support, assistance of others.
If each of us takes a moment to consider how our lives and those around will be impacted, you'll understand how important awareness is.
Challenge yourself to raise awareness for yourself or another during this month long acknowledgement that AWARENESS is extremely important.  If you can please donate.  If you own a business, donate.  If you have been touched donate.  if you are able to share with another person.  Your life is valuable before during and after a diagnosis and you have the ability to do something about it.
I am My Sister's Keeper!
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