Sunday, September 4, 2011

Why should I give

I had a realization today and thought about keeping it to myself.
Although I'm not a survivor, I'm sure you've had this same thought at some point -
"Why aren't people donating to help find a CURE?"
"Why isn't there a CURE yet?"
I've offered gifts, prizes and other forms of incentives that have gotten some responses but not nearly enough.
So it hit me, stop offering things to encourage people to make a donation.
Yes, I know we like to "get something" for our money, who doesn't?
Why not just give something as a thank you because and not as a reason to give?
As bad as we want donations to support us and this cause, we want people to want to give.
If you have been touched, then you need to talk to those you know, those that are close to you.
Ask them to give to support this cause.
Walkers and volunteers can't do it all, we need you survivors and fighters to get involved.
Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and needed.
different people give of themselves what they can but they do give.
Give out of love for the person you support, that has received a diagnosis. 
Give because you'd like to prevent it from happening to those adorable little people in your life and those yet to be born. 
Give because you care. 
Give because you want the tax deduction. 
Give because you support the efforts and you're not able to be more involved. 
Give because you've lost someone to this disease. 
Give of yourself as you'd want someone to do if you'd received a diagnosis. 
Lend an ear to a fighter to vent, a shoulder to cry on, a night to celebrate the milestones.
give your time to accompany a fighter on a visit,  get a mammogram, attend an event, get informed.
Time is precious in this fight as each minute goes by someone somewhere is getting the news of diagnosis.
Everyone Deserves A Lifetime, including you.

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