Thursday, September 1, 2011


Too many days when I can barely keep my eyes open and get through the next minute.
But I am so very tired.
Many of you reading get this way as well.  This journey is so very long and the impact is far reaching yet so many don't seem to be interested at all.  I realize that sometimes it can be too much to bear and with the routines and stresses of daily life. When do you ever get an opportunity to sit down, and just breathe?
I have run and walked and talked until I know my face has turned blue, but still I forge ahead.
I do this because there is this unnamed force within that just pushes me forward.  It says I must continue, I can not give up.  Let me be the first to say there are so many days when I just want to throw my hands up!
I just want to walk away.
Why shouldn't I, it hasn't happened to me.  But, I can't there hasn't been a day when I've wanted to walk away and not thought about what else can be done to raise awareness, to help another woman that is fighting the unknown and has no idea what is coming her way.
I read your stories, I listen to you all share your experiences and the grief that you have suffered through and continue to do so and this is why I refuse am unable to just throw my hands up.
But I am so tired, I just need to rest.
But, I can't.
There is still so much to do so much to learn and to share.
I offend some, get offended and still I keep going.
Trying daily to reach just one more, share information, to participate in someone's event, take care of, go talk to, listen to one more, support one more.
I enjoy what I have committed myself to,
But I am so tired.


  1. You have to rest your own mind and body to be able to keep going forward with your mission! Do not begrudge yourself an evening (or more) of "you" time. You are a tireless missionary of the cause and I have seen how hard you work. I now am learning first hand what all of this means on a personal level and am finding my own personal strength, even though I want to pretend it is not happening to me. I just want to make my plans as if nothing else was going on, but I am constantly reminded that I do not know what is coming next and I cannot commit to the things I am used to doing. That said...there are so many annoying medical practitioners and others that feel they need to just pat me on the head and hold my hand. Seriously? This is a bump in my road and I will be moving on!!!

  2. I am honored that you're following me or posting. I can't even attempt to say that I understand as I can only imagine. You are strong and this is a new journey that you will get through and be stronger because of it.
    Stay strong and know that support is here for you when you need it and when you don't.
    I appreciate the support that you give and will do my best not to let you down.
    As in our other world, I Am My Sister's Keeper.
    Here for you when you want to talk, yell,cry, or have a drink. ((hugs))