Sunday, September 11, 2011


You may be in the eye of the storm right now,
but know that when there is a calm, rejoice!
You may be in pain right now but the ease will come.
You may be in tears daily,
You may still be in disbelief that it happened to you.
You may be losing your hair, feeling incomplete.
Just know that you are still and always will be, a WOMAN.
Do know that when there is a calm, rejoice
HE has not given you more than you can bear,
He is testing you, making you stronger than you were before.
There is a plan for you, unknown to you.
Just know when there is a calm, REJOICE!!
You are strong, you are a fighter, you are a messenger,
you are a leader on a journey to guide others along.
You're on a path to greater things that others will embrace.
Lean on those around you for support,
let them help you as you've done for them.
For you will rise, leaving the dust renewed.
YOU are the calm in the storm, rejoice!!

I Am My Sister's Keeper

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