Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Trying to raise awareness $15 at a time. As you're reading this consider the possibilities.
You may have received an invitation from me for PUSH. This is strickly an online event to help raise funds and awareness about Breast Cancer.
The more people I reach the more people are informed even if in a small way. We want to keep the RACK STACKED!
Share this with just one friend and you have done a wonderful thing. If everyone reading and sharing this were able to make the donation of $15 or more I will meet my goal before October 14th.
I'm calling on each you to help and do something for each of us and those women in your life.
Feel free to donate more because the...
3 Day- Walk For A Cure has enabled you to have layaway, installments of your donation of more than $25.
You can have this amount or more deducted every month until the walk. What a cool feature to help you be able to help Make A Difference!!
I'll do the walking, you provide a resource of a wonderful, life changing gift.
Gift in honor of a survivor, an angel or friend or family member or yourself to show how your care about health awareness, early detection, prevention and treatment.
Promote awareness in a positive fashion.
Just a few keystrokes and you've done it!!

Remember Breast Cancer knows no face, race, sex,background,sexual preference, educational, socioeconomic,medical,religious difference!

Visit the page -
Make a purchase of an item from my page, come out, show up, on 10/14/11 to my event Breast Cancer 3 Day Kick Off Party!!!
Talk about it, Be about it, Do something about it - in a BIG WAY!!

One voice, one mind, one spirit, one result - A CURE!!!


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