Sunday, September 18, 2011

Not 100%

I'm a bit under the weather and still doing my best to plug away.
Life nor Breast Cancer wait for you to feel 100% as it continues to move on through you and by you.
So I must forge ahead as well. This week has been busy.
I spent this weekend feverishly spreading the word and networking to get others involved in what we're doing over here.
Even the act of talking to others and hearing the stories has further inspired me.
I've meet some wonderfully caring individuals that are inspired by what we're doing.
Yes, I keep saying "we" because I alone can't do this without you.
I'm fighting for each of you, all of us because like it or not we are in this together.
It doesn't have to be you that received a diagnosis to be on this journey.
The sheer act of knowing, loving someone that has or is, makes you a part of it.
The question for you is how deeply connected are you?
I won't lie, Yes, I have felt like giving up.
As of now I feel like giving up.
I know that the likelihood of me reaching $2,300 to walk in the 2011 Atlanta 3 Day is
very slim and it saddens me tremendously.
I feel like I've let down everyone that is supporting have made donations and in some ways depending on
to get out there and wake others up!
I feel guilty for having these thoughts and no, I'm not superhuman.
Just deeply committed and passionate about this journey.

I'm honored to have met and to continuously meet those that support the journey,
what we're doing, hope to do and will accomplish.
I know we are doing the right thing, what we've been called on to do.

I am My Sister's Keeper, so I will continue to fight and walk this journey.

Nichelle/Foxs Trotters

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