Monday, August 1, 2011

Make A Difference Monday

As the sun rises and another woman, man or child and family receives a diagnosis, consider what you will do to Make A Difference.
Let this day be different.
Mondays are now called Make A Difference Monday.  I ask that for each Monday before the walk you find a way to do something that is proactive in the fight against Breast Cancer.
This is a chance for you and others you know to donate $20 showing that you are going to do something that will Make A Difference!
You are willing to Stand Up and say NO MORE to Breast Cancer!!!
Yes, you may share and repost to your friends, their friends and so on.  If this chain continues we will have made an impact in this fight and touched the lives of many. 
Remember, every 69 seconds a person, a family receives a breast cancer diagnosis.

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