Friday, August 5, 2011


For those of you that are visiting for the first time HELLO!!! 
I'm Nichelle Fox of Foxs Trotters - we are a team of advocates, fighters, walkers and survivors of Breast Cancer. 
We fight hard and diligently against this disease. 
We strive to raise awareness, provide information about preventive measures and being proactive within our community as we raise funds for our efforts. We participate in walks, events, anything that is needed to help our community be informed about the IMPACT of breast cancer. 
We also look to each of you to do your part in helping raise awareness of yourself and those near and dear. 
If you want to help or be a part of something great, reach out to me and I will grab ahold to welcome you to the fight of your life.
We encourage you to follow, read, and share us with others. 
the numbers speak for themselves, but not loud enough until you are directly touched.  Don't wait for that day, that moment, that phone call - do something today. 
No one can do the impossible alone, and neither can we. 
The more involved you are the greater the difference and the bigger the impact. 

Welcome to the Journey of a Lifetime!!

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