Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Here For You

I have been given the honor of having one of my sons join me on this journey.  He has made the commitment to take on this adventure of a fight against Breast Cancer in honor of his biological mother, Yvette Foy.  She unfortunately received a diagnosis and underwent treatment 3 years ago. I can't describe the emotions of having to observe your mother go through this and not knowing what to say and how to say it. For a young man to watch their mother suffer, knowing there is nothing that you can do the ease or end it....
After a few intense conversations, he decided that he wanted to do this to honor her and her fight, to acknowledge that she is a survivor and continues to be each and every day. This is a surprise and a gift to her and just I am, I know that she will be proud of her son and his actions. Patrick, it is an honor to Welcome you to the team and this Journey of A Lifetime!

I know there are many families and co-survivors out there and rarely if ever, do we hear their stories.  I'm interested to hear your story.  I think it's important for your voice to be heard as much as the survivor's.  So much of the attention is given to the person going through the treatment, that the survivors and children especially, aren't noticed or focused on. 
We all know that children adapt, but some things need to be discussed when the opportunity arises.  Girls tend to talk more about certain things, but males tend to refrain from talking about their feelings.  They want to maintain that strong facade for the outside world while inside it's tearing them apart.  All of these feelings need to be released so they don't display themselves in negative actions.  
So, if there is a child of a survivor or angel that is ready and wants to tell their story, I'm here.
I will listen to you and give you a forum to express yourself and your feelings about how your life has been touched by Breast Cancer.
You have a voice and it deserves to be heard!


  1. Most recently, my best friend lost her mother to breast cancer at the end of last year. To be her ear to listen, cry, laugh and so many other emotions were the only ways that I could be a true friend. Where available to offer advice, I did. Her mother would do so much for us in our teen and twenty-something years. To this day I could still here her laughter. I pray for my friend, text and just leave a message on her phone just to say I love you as a friend forever.

  2. Jewel,
    I'm sorry to hear about yet another loss to Breast Cancer. Suffering through a loss is alway difficult and these are more so. Sometimes being that non ending ear is all that you can do during the grieving process. Continue to be there for her, your moral support means a great deal to her even if she isn't able to express that right now.
    It is for this reason we continue to walk and fight for a cure to this disease.
    I would like you to consider asking your friend when she is ready or yourself if you'd like to share your story. I'm looking for women to let their voices be heard. These are the stories that need to be told, heard and shared.
    I appreciate you sharing.
    Thank you