Friday, June 3, 2011

Entry 2 - Be Aware and Informed

Albeit late, I'm here!
I'm going to enter and complete the 26 Day Blog challenge.  I spend so much of my time here on the web and for some reason didn't think I'd be able to focus on this challenge.  What was I thinking?
If nothing else this is the perfect opportunity to enable me to reach out and inform others as I  raise awareness about Breast Cancer in the life of several readers.
I'm a 3 Day Walker - what is that you wonder.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I spend a great deal of the year training and focusing on completing the journey.  The journey consists of walking 60 miles over 3 days.  There are thousands of walkers across the country in 14 different cities that raise money, support and awareness about Breast Cancer.
We walk in honor, support and memory of those that have received a diagnosis, survived and succumbed to it.
there are many organizations that support finding a cure and alternate treatment methods. each person has to find what is going to work best for them as there is no definitive form of treatment that works for each person.
I walk under Susan G. Komen and this year I have the honor of being an Ambassador.  I have made the committment to walk until there is a cure or my legs will no longer carry me through the journey.
Until a person walks the 3 Day, you have no idea what the experience is like. You meet so many people that have been touched and IMPACTED by a diagnosis. Although there are tears, we also have smiles and laughter as we share in the journey of a lifetime.
We share in the joy of those that have made it through the storm.
we share in the sorrow of those we've lost along the way.
We share in the spirit of knowing the best is yet to come.
We share in the essence of hope.
We share in the spirit of family, and the unity that brings us all together.
Please be Aware and stay Informed!

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