Saturday, May 28, 2011


Each day more women than I could ever count have to face the challenge of Breast Cancer.
I have made the pledge and commitment to this fight until there is a cure and women are no longer suffering from the perils of the disease.
I have challenged each person on my face book page to make a donation to show their support in this fight.  The challenge asks them to make a donation of $50 or more and ask their friends and families to do the same. I'm aware that there are differing views of the efforts and acts of Susan G. Komen and their actions in this fight.  I also am aware that there are other physicians and organizations that purport that their is more than can be done in regards to the monies allocated towards curing this disease instead of prevention. there will forever and always be another sect that disagrees with the actions of another, but at the end of the day, if anyone had a cure, wouldn't the rest of us know about it.
I choose not to get involved in the argument, disagreements and disparaging remarks made by any.
First and foremost is a cure and until then I'll fight for treatment if not prevention.

I consider it an honor to walk for and support SGK and it's efforts in this journey.  As an Ambassador, I will continue to reach out to the public and raise awareness about good health practices and early detection and so much more.

Every minute that goes by is the life of another woman that has suffered immeasurably.  We need to join forces, arms, dollars and sense to work toward the common goal -

Please look within and see if somewhere within yourself you can help another woman, daughter, mother, grandmother and child avoid the perils of Breast Cancer.
I'm asking you to accept the challenge and join us.
We need the help and support of each of you.

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