Monday, April 4, 2011


Preparing for this event has been another job in itself.
I had no idea what it would become when I first began this project.  There has been a lot of promoting and getting the word out there about awareness and all that the 3 Day is all about.
Speaking to so many entrepreneurs has been fantastic and their support of the event is without words.
 As of today, I'm still being contacted by vendors that want to participate, business that want to be involved in any way that they can.  It further encourages me to do what I'm doing so we can help others.
As far as getting people interested enough to want to come out and enjoy the festivities is another story.

I want to know what am I not doing right.  The interest isn't matching the sales and that seems to be my downfall. I'm bountiful in the blessings of interest just not selling tickets to my satisfaction.  Is it possible that people want to  purchase tickets on the day of?  I've asked myself all of those questions with no answers.

So I've had to resort to incentives to get the ticket sales jump started.  Will wait to see how that turns out.

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