Sunday, September 12, 2010

Brain Wins 2

Now where did I leave off???
Ok, I was saying how much I appreciate this family of walkers.  We receive support, words of encouragement and most importantly, strength. This is what we need to continue what we're doing in terms of raising awareness, raising funds amidst all the refusals and "I gave already".
I have received a ton of support in all areas to keep me focused on the big picture and not just the one for "my" weekend of culmination.:) I have every intention of walking officially, but if it is not meant to be I will be there unofficially.
First, I need to acknowledge the sorrows that we have recently experienced - Although we fight against Breast Cancer, cancer itself is taking its toll of many many families.
The passing of Lady M. Sapp due to colon cancer. She leaves behind, students, a parish of worshippers a husband and 3 wonderful children.
A fellow walker lost her nephew to a battle with asthma earlier this month.  I tried to get Denver to have a moment of silence during closing ceremonies, not sure if it happened. if you were there or know someone that was, please ask.
I have been busy even though I haven't been physically walking due to the migraines.  I have managed to secure some items for the raffle @ my Breakfast Party in October.  Getting very excited about it as it gets closer. I have been selling tickets, leaving fliers and talking to any and every body that I encounter in my daily travels.  Nothing and no one is off limits.
I have come up with a 40 days and 40 nights posting that I run on fb daily and often until we walk. I need to get there and by any means(legally) necessary. Always hoping for more until I reach the minimum.
I have recently added some new links to my page, feel free to click and browse, it all counts.
I also posted information about an event(s) being hosted by BJ's and P&G.  they are open to the public and in several cities.  Go to their site and take a looksee.  There may be one near you.
Unfortunately, I realize, the brain is winning and I need to get some more medication before the full swing sets in. Have a wonderful week.

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