Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Frustrated and a bit discourage :(

I have reached a low point in this journey.  I enjoy everything except the lack of responses of monetary support.  I would prefer a NO to nothing.  I have gotten creative although there is still a lot of creativity to be explored.  It's just not working.  The people that haven't been impacted are not getting the message as clearly as though that have been touched by the horrors of BC.  I have items for sale, blitzes, poems, garage sales, parties etc. still drips and drabs.  From my initial starting point up to now to have only raised $300 is a sad story.  I fund raise as hard as I train and it hasn't gotten me very far.  Keep in mind, I've extremely grateful for what I have received,I guess I just expected more.  I expected people to be concerned about the state of urgency.  I mean to have a woman (usually) diagnosed every 3 minutes is a frightening fact.  It can't be ignored or overlooked.
I'm not quitting or giving up, I will just take a mini-break.  Take some time to look at this from other perspectives, angles and try again.  I gave myself a target date of 7/1/10 to have completed fundraising so I could focus totally on training.  I guess the plan has changed.  I just need to review it with a fresh pair of eyes and see how I should move forward.  I am determined to walk and not have to come out of pocket for the entire thing.  But I will do what I have to do to get it done.
I read the blogs, postings and provide the bit of support and encouragement to others that I can, I guess I need to use some of that on myself.
So here you have it, my first pity party!!
I guess I will have to continue to rely on the kindness of strangers since the majority of my friends aren't as supportive as I thought they would be. 
I have prepared my items for mailing and sent off 20 letters today. I will have to wait and see if those net any results.
Earlier, I read a blog about going door to door and that is what I'm going to look into. 
I will need to get some more cards, paper and ink, but that may be the only option I have.  Least I forget about the restaurant item.  I will make those calls in the morning.
I rad about so many other people having great success in the fundraising zone, just not understanding how.  I guess it is about who you know, not the issue. That my friend is very sad.
Well, I guess I will continue to wallow privately, just needed to get it off my chest and let it rest here on paper.

On to new strategies and great results.  Always keeping a positive mind and spirit.

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  1. This too is my first walk so I totally understand the "pitty party" I think we each have one,even the veteran walkers from time to time. What I have learned is that I think when we decide to take on this challenge it is bold and crazy and we are totally fired up so when the entire world doesn't jump on the bandwagon with us it kinda takes the air out of our sails for a minute.
    I know my letters weren't a huge success but then my grandmother offered to send out letters to her friends and people she knows and you know that was a great way for us to bond and we got a little $$ off that to. I think you just have to keep truckin' along and find what works for you. They say it about training and I believe it is the same with fundraising.

    If you ever needs some ideas I will be happy to help if I can my email is miccroft@sbcglobal.net

    Best of luck

    Best of luck