Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday TW

Today was different, I had company!!!!
I didn't realize that anyone had responded to the posting.  I met them as they began without me.  To say I was surprised to see anyone on "my trail" is a small statement.  i stopped to talk to them and found out they'd RSVP to Nichelle - that's me :).  I was overly excited, thought I might cry.  people actually saw and responded. 
I told them to continue so I could check to make sure no one was being left behind and I'd catch up.  I did and we began to walk and chat.  We all learned something new and are excited about doing this great thing.
One is a first timer 3 dayer like myself, and the other is a seasoned 3 dayer.  So we got to share information and it was really good.  Can't wait to we walk together again.
I realized that a great many people walking are survivors and need to do something for themselves.  Me, on the other hand, am walking to support the cause and get others involved .
We all have the ability to make a difference, I just need to find the way that is right for you.
They won't walk with me next week - Mother's Day, but I'll be out there.

So don't be afraid, too shy, or hesitant, just come on out and walk it at your pace and your distance.

See ya soon.

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