Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sitting Here

Sitting here on this fine morning, wondering about life and the people we share it with.
I decided to take on this challenge of BREAST CANCER as the impact is near and far reaching.

It has hit very close to home and don't want it to get any closer.

So I decided to DO SOMETHING and become an advocate for it in my own little way.

I took on this adventure of walking 60 miles in 3 days. Was I dreaming, crazy or just determined to have my say.

No, none of the above.

I thought to myself...

If I could take on Uncle Sam, surely I could do this.

If I could bear and raise children, surely I could do this.

If I can work with children all day and into the evening, weekends and holidays, surely I could do this.

If I can work on the grind all day everyday, because a teacher's job doesn't end at 3 PM, surely I could do this.

I know that I have the motivation, drive and stamina.

So, yes I CAN DO THIS!!

but others not so much

Yes, people talk about change, talk about doing something but then they don't do it.


.. it happens to them. Then the world as they know it has become their enemy.

As they work through their anger, worry, anxiety and the pain of dealing with whatever the tragedy may be they sit and wonder about their life and the people they share it with.

You have an opportunity to DO SOMETHING, before that unknown tragedy happens to you, in your life.

Be proactive and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

There is no guarantee that you will be given a Breast Cancer diagnosis, but there is a chance. There doesn't have to be a history of any cancer in the family medical.

It could just be the time that tragedy struck close to home.
If you know 8 women, 1 will receive this news.

When you sit and wonder, take a good look at the women in your life.

Yes, I'm out here trying to raise this donation requirement and let me tell you, it has not been easy by any stretch of the imagination.

Yes, I'm definetly having fun with it just the same.

I'm determined and focused to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

I know that the cause is a solid one.

Everyone deserves a lifetime - free of this tragedy.

To be able to know that one day, your children's children will not have to worry about this is priceless!

For all that that science is able to do - I wonder, why isn't there a cure yet?

Time, patience, money, research, people, the list goes on and on.

Yes, this means more waiting for someone else to do something.

You have an opportunity to DO SOMETHING.

SEIZE the moment yourself.

Make A Difference!!

Like I sad, I was just sitting here wondering.

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